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Step To Protect Yahoo Mail Account from Being Hacked


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Precaution is better than cure!
We all know this, and this is really helpful to avoid any last minute rush, do you apply the same while using internet?

This became a key concern and why not; hackers are active and ready to bash you, if you are just a little careless. Using internet with care is not difficult, yet we are not very much sure about the perfect security with our account. And, we have all the reasons for that, poorly framed password, ignorance and over-smart hackers.

Yahoo users have the password to get access of their respective email account; which is needed when you want to sign in to your Yahoo Mail account. The correct combination of user name and password is needed. The password is to Secure your Yahoo Mail account. But, do you think that your password is good enough to keep your account protected; this is not true.

What one should do to keep Yahoo account safe and secure?

We would recommend not using the password with your Yahoo mail account.

We know, what we are recommending, using password is the basic for email account users for keeping the account safe and secure; but this is not for Yahoo mail account users. So, we recommend stop using the conventional password rather switches to Yahoo Account Key.

Yahoo Account Key is the new-age password-less security key, it enables users to get into their respective account without using a conventional password. Now, your phone will be a pass key, which will be used to get in. And, you have option to deny the sign in attempt; if you find it suspicious or some hacking attempt.

Even, we recommend, still there are some users who are not very much comfortable using Yahoo Account Key. Or users who don’t have a Smartphone to activate it, they can still continue using conventional password. But, this doesn’t make them more prone to hacking; they have another security level with 2-Step Verification.

The 2-Step Verification is helpful for securing your Yahoo mail account with your conventional password. When you enable this feature; a user needs to use the password and the pass key send on your registered on your mobile number. After correctly entering the key, you can get in.

We have some experts’ tips for you to avoid any such situation of hacking attempt on your Yahoo Mail account.
  • Update account recovery information – Make sure to keep updating this section of your Yahoo account
  • Always sign out of shared computers– Don’t every forget to sign out from any computer or device you signed in ever
  • Check your account's sign-in activity – Why not keep an eye on your account’s activities; anything suspicious, follow the above guide
  • Watch out for phishing scams in emails – Don’t respond or get trapped in the phishing emails or messages

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